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Stuck on the final boss-a stepping stone for all gamers
Okay, I guess the thread title is a little arrogant. I have actually been stuck a lot of times on the final boss, but it's been a while since I've been stuck for nearly a week or solid retrying X_x

Working on Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy (talk about a mouthful xD), and can't quite take out Feral Chaos. I've seen people do it with only one character, and I know there's specific builds to use I'm not using, but it kind of sucks that my own strategies aren't working.

So you guys (that are for some reason reading my journal after all the years of silence on my end, lulz) ever have some notoriously hard boss stump you for a while?

Final wisdom tooth out
I'm also out 250 bucks -_-

I'm a college graduate living at home with a part-time job, so no insurance. I'm still surprised at the cost though. When I went for check-up and asked how much it would cost, I was cringing at the estimated 150.00 they told me, so you can imagine how upset I was that their approximation was 100 bucks off.

Oh well...At least I get to eat icecream all I want and the drugs aren't bad either xD

My first post...almost 4 years later
So wonders upon wonders, I realized that while I've been doing a fair amount of posting on communities, I actually have done absolutely nothing with my actual lj account.

So here I am, breaking the silence.

Will you welcome me? D=


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